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I called Pet Dog Training because our dog bit me several times. Andy is an almost seven-year-old Pekingese who belonged to my partner and her blind, autistic daughter for five years before meeting me. As the new kid on the block and a first-time pet owner as well, I thought it must be my fault. I was embarrassed and ashamed until I finally got the courage to make an inquiry. Judy Goldman took my call and provided instant and much-needed validation. We set up an appointment with Glenn Goldman and completed extensive questionnaires before our first meeting. Glenn arrived right on time and was filled with wisdom, compassion, kindness, and humor. His lessons flowed with practical, easy to manage concepts that have enriched my relationship with Andy and my life in general. I have gone from spoiling Andy so that he became a bully I feared to becoming more assertive and witnessing Andy develop a trusted bond with me. I am truly grateful.

Amy Saltz

We are so thankful to Glenn for teaching us how to help Abby learn self control.  The transformation is amazing.  Abby is no longer like a wild animal charging for her food.  She is very well-behaved and patient.

Debbie Macintosh

Just wanted to send our thanks and give you a quick update on Silver, our Siberian Husky, which Glenn had worked with several months back for issues with resource guarding / resource aggression.  

Following Glenn's instructions, we have worked diligently with Silver and he has shown remarkable progress.  We have now moved to London and Silver is doing better than ever.  He still shows some signs of resource guarding, but here are some examples of his progress:

  • Before we moved, we were able to have our neighbors dog(s) in the yard, with Silvers toys around.  The other dogs were able to sniff the toys when Silver was not playing with them and Silver did not make any moves to react.  Previously, we had to pick up the toys if other dogs were going to be in our yard.  He would growl fiercely if they even got near them.
  • Since Thanksgiving, my young nephews, including a 2 year old, have been able to pick up Silver's tennis balls and footballs and throw them to him in the yard.  No growling! 
  • Jim and I are able to fairly easily take any of his toys away from him while he is playing with them...he actually wants to interact with us now.  He will sometimes growl or put his paw over the toy, but he also freely allows us to take it and will even bring it over to me and play nearby, as if inviting me to interact. 
  • Yesterday, in the park, another dog approached him while Silver was standing next to his water dish... he looked a little protective, but he didn't growl or become aggressive towards the other dogs.  Later, we had him tethered to a tree while we were working out nearby.  Another dog approached him while Silver had a tennis ball in his mouth.  Silver did not growl and the other dog was called away by his owner before he could get right up to him, but this was another sign of progress, even letting the dog approach him.  
  • He will "stay" or "leave it" on command and wait for my release, even if I take his favorite treat or toy and put it on the ground.  He can now do this successfully even when I am moving the desired object or if I walk away. 

Thank you so much for giving us the tools to work with him.  We are all much happier now and we have enjoyed a much smoother move to London as a result!  

Trish, Jim and Silver Chaput

I have brought my other dogs to different puppy training schools in the past.  I have also had experience with a trainer because I worked at her kennel and saw how she trained.  And, I have NEVER seen or been a part of a better dog training school!  Glenn and Judy are fantastic!  My chihuahua was very timid and frightened at the first class and now she has so much confidence that it's like I have a new puppy.  The things I have learned in class have given me the tools to not only make her more behaved, but she now feels even safer with me as her owner knowing that I am in control and will protect her.  Seriously, if you want a great way to learn how to train your puppy or dog, you have to try these classes!  They are wonderful! Thank you Glenn and Judy!  PS:  I will have to comment again later because I have soooo much more to say.  :)

Marcia Maione-Amero

We brought home a beautiful, sweet, and very smart border collie puppy, Annie, at the age of eight weeks who became a very aggressive, hard to handle four-month old almost overnight. She terrorized our four-year-old Scottish terrier, Jack, and created havoc in our household by taking out her aggression to both Jack and even us by biting and growling almost constantly. At the first sign of this, we brought in a trainer who worked with us on basic obedience , but the situation simply intensified. We were at our wits end and even got to the point that we thought that we would have to return Annie to the breeder in spite of how much we loved her and her sweet side, which surfaced every so often.

But, we just felt that we could not give up – and had not given him Annie every possible chance to succeed. We saw an advertisement for Judy and Glenn at our vet and also heard about them from a pet supply store in our town. I gave them a call and less than a day later we connected, and I shared with them the story of Annie and our sadness and frustration over the situation that had resulted. They agreed to take on Annie and work with us.

Two months later, after a very specific program and focus, Annie is a delightful member of our family. Glenn has a very calming yet firm approach to managing aggression in dogs, with a focus on building confidence in a positive way and establishing the pack order in a way that is constructive and effective. He taught us as much as he taught Annie! We also learned to build on Annie's interest in playing ball and use it as a way to both exercise her and reward her for behaving well.

I never thought that we would come through our training this well this quickly. I  have to say that we went into this with the idea that we would make it work and give Annie every benefit of our time and attention, but did not really know how it would turn out. Glenn and Judy both were our partners in turning a very difficult situation into a very happy outcome. We recognize that we will forever work to build on the great success that we have with Annie, and continue to work with Glenn to build on our success together. We are now working with any on agility training which reinforces leadership, discipline and focus. At the same time it gives her physical and mental stimulation she needs to be happy. And happy she is, she smiles and wags her tails and gives hugs – something she never ever did before.

My husband and I, and Annie and Jack, highly recommend their programs and teaching methods. I've had dogs before so thought I knew everything there was to know about training them. I've learned that all dogs are different and that understanding what motivates dogs and how to tap into that effectively and kindly and firmly so that dogs can be happy and is as much science as art. Glenn and Judy have that mastered!

Karen L. Webster, CEO|Market Platform Dynamics, President|PYMNTS.com

Glenn got us out of a bad situation last summer, when our puppy started to become really aggressive toward our children, and also toward my husband at times. The trainer in the puppy kindergarten class was not helpful at all, very vague in her advice, so we turned to our breeder, who highly recommended Glenn and Judy.

Glenn and Judy responded to our SOS, and we got together within a few days, which was a huge relief. What Glenn taught us made sense, and although some of it was really hard to do (e.g. we had to kick our beloved puppy out of the “pack”), we saw almost instant improvement. It was touch and go though for a while. We didn’t know if we could really keep our puppy or not, but thanks to the techniques we learned, she turned around. We now have a normal family life with dog! Glenn and Judy also kept checking in with us over the weeks and months to see how we were doing.

Unfortunately we live too far away to come to their classes, otherwise we would attend them all.

Thank you so much, Glenn. You are GREAT at what you are doing! Should we come to a point where we need help from the best again, we are happy to know where to find you!

Berit Ramseier

We rescued Bella from Cape Ann Animal Aid and she was a very frightened and insecure dog. We took her to Petdog Training. Glenn and Judy's insight and interesting and informative training program was not only fun for Bella and us but also helped Bella become a happy and confident dog.

Steve and Betty Gillis

In April of 2008 our family rescued a miniature schnauzer/terrier mix named Cassy. When she arrived at our home, she was recovering from the trauma of being re homed several times. Her first owner crated her for the majority of her day and also abused her. Soon she developed cage rage and was surrendered to a shelter. From there, things went downhill for Cassy. She went through 2 shelters, and at one of them nearly severed one of her hind legs in a panic of cage rage. She then was adopted but was soon surrendered to a rescue and placed in a foster home. It was from the foster home we adopted her. She was only 1 year old, weighed 10 pounds, had crystals in her urine, mange on her muzzle and was completely unsocialized and insecure. And, so our work began.

An important part of that work was our weekly obedience class with Glenn Goldman. Glenn's calm demeanor, confidence and knowledge taught us how to help Cassy become the best dog she can be. He was very thoughtful in helping us face the myriad of issues presented by a damaged dog and always had the time and compassion to answer our questions and work out solutions to problems. Glenn helped us in every area of Cassy's life, from obedience and manners to nutrition.

As a result of Glenn's help, Cassy is well on the road to being all she can be. She has been with us for only 6 months, and is already 17 pounds, free of the mange and urinary crystals and has a coat that is thick and shiny. We work every day on her obedience and manners, using the techniques we learned in class. She is becoming more and more reliable and this week was able to enjoy her first off leash run on the beach, where she plunged into the surf with total abandon. Her joy was absolutely infectious, people on the beach all stopped to watch this ecstatic terrier romping in the surf. Everyone who watched her could not help but smile. As for me, I had tears of joy watching her and knowing how far she had come and what a wonderful gift we had been given when we adopted her.

Soon, we will move on to the next step in obedience training and have set a goal of having Cassy receive her Canine Good Citizen Certificate and eventually have her registered as a pet therapy dog. You see, she has a four-year old, 5 pound big sister named Misty who has already achieved those goals. Cassy will not be outdone by a five pound poodle!!

Angela, David, Paul and Anna Mourer

Having been a dog lover all my life I have tried many training methods from clicker t self help tapes. I have never found such a well rounded program as you offer. I truly enjoy going as does my family, Max has learned a lot and is showing signs of being more confident as well better at social situations. I could not expect or ask more of what you have you done. Thank you and I highly recommend your program to anyone who has a dog!

Ken Nollett

Glenn, you reminded my Labrador, "Mr.Will Do", AKA, Willy, that he was a gentleman, you reminded me that I was not his doormat, nor his possession, although I'm not sure he got that one, and well, Oliver is just Oliver~~~~~~~~~Thank you so very much for all your help; he still looks for you at the tennis courts on the boulevard.

Very best regards,
Nell, Willy and Oliver

…You helped us so much with our first dog (that we had no clue what to do with!) Attached is a photo of Minnie, thank you again for your great teaching!

The Costa Family

Taking your puppy to obedience class is the biggest favor you can do for your puppy and yourself. The importance of socializing your dog and teaching him what behavior is acceptable are two of the most important things I learned in Glenn and Judy's program. Having a breed that is known for having a mind of his own, the training my puppy received has made him a wonderful pet and companion who is welcome wherever we go and a joy to all who have had the "privilege" of meeting him. Thank you Judy and Glenn.

Vallee Bordinaro and Zeke

I thought my dog was hopeless until I discovered Glenn and Judy's dog training classes. Before, Pickles would jump on guests (sometimes bopping them in the face!), would refuse to come to me, and had severe potty training issues. The techniques I learned in this course truly saved my dog. Now, he's more calm around guests, always comes to me when I call him (even around other dogs!!) and NEVER has accidents in the house anymore! I am so thankful for PetDog Training.. Pickles is now the perfect companion and everybody loves him!

Heather Corey :)

Taking your puppy to obedience class is the biggest favor you can do for your puppy and yourself. The importance of socializing your dog and teaching him what behavior is acceptable are two of the most important things I learned in Glenn and Judy's program. Having a breed that is known for having a mind of his own, the training my puppy received has made him a wonderful pet and companion who is welcome wherever we go and a joy to all who have had the "privilege" of meeting him. Thank you Judy and Glenn.

Vallee Bordinaro and Zeke

Having been a dog lover all my life I have tried many training methods from clicker t self help tapes. I have never found such a well rounded program as you offer. I truly enjoy going as does my family, Max has learned a lot and is showing signs of being more confident as well better at social situations. I could not expect or ask more of what you have you done. Thank you and I highly recommend your program to anyone who has a dog!

Ken Nollet

Just wanted to pass on a compliment to you both. I was out walking Nena this morning when an elderly gentleman commented, "What a good dog. I can tell by the way she walks." We were practicing our "by me" at the same time. So kudos to the two of you for your teaching techniques! Your methods obviously really work. Thank you!

Nancy & Gabe Petino

We've been really happy with the progress that our puppy has made as a result of Glenn & Judy's kind, gentle, common sense training program. It has been really neat to watch Indie learn so much by being rewarded with love & attention instead of food, treats, or punishment. Glenn is amazing with the dogs--very relaxed, positive, and patient--and Judy has made herself so available to us, responding immediately to an e-mail question and even following up a few weeks later with a phone call. They're a great team, and I'm so glad we found them!

Lisa Pizzurro

...This is a compassionate approach...Glenn & Judy truly understand just how dogs "think" & "feel"...Owners (including my own staff) return delighted, having learned a positive means to work & connect with their dogs...Two paws up!!

Dr. Suzanne Groskoph Maher
Marblehead Animal Hospital

The excellent, professional services that Glenn and Judy provide clearly help me in my practice. I refer my clients to them for everything, from obedience to complicated behavioral problems in puppies and adult dogs.

Dr. Jeffrey Rockwell
Atlantic Veterinary Hospital of Marblehead

In their 2-hour orientation class alone, I gained a whole new perspective on the canine-human connection. Glenn & Judy's approach is positive & loving and makes so much sense...My professors never taught this in vet school.

Dr. Jennifer Dauphin
Have a Heart Animal Hospital

...Glenn and Judy focus on understanding the behaviors that drive both people and animals...I tell my clients about the great return dog training gives...definitely a worthwhile investment.

Dr. Nancy Crowley
Beverly Animal Natural Health Center

Glenn & Judy are intelligent in their approach, keep up with the latest canine research, and have a variety of techniques (always positive) at their disposal when addressing problem behaviors or even when training dogs in basic obedience...makes our work a lot easier!

Joann V. Fontain, Owner
Have a Heart Animal Hospital

...Over the last 20 years, based on our working relationship & client satisfaction, Glenn has always been my first choice for animal behavior and training referrals.

Dr. Donald A. Marcus
Methuen Veterinary Hospital

Over the years, Glenn's guidance has ensured many well adjusted pets and happy owners. I continue to hear good things about him and unhesitatingly refer my patients to him.

Dr. Jeffrey French
Cape Ann Veterinary Hospital

We got so much from your first class on Saturday. We've already put training into place and are seeing results. What a relief!

Carol Bedrosian
Lab owner

Our dog has turned from growling at my 8-month-old son to happily playing with him because of Glenn and Judy's insights and advice. Needless to say, I am thrilled. Everything Glenn has suggested has worked. At first, I was really skeptical of calling in a behavioral consultant. Even though Kepa was exhibiting some undesirable behaviors, I didn't think behavioral conditioning was needed or would even work. At that point, I planned to put Kepa on medication. After working with Glenn and Judy, I now think differently. Training your pet solves the problem; using medication merely covers the problem up. I now recommend Glenn and Judy to all our clients.

Heidi Boynton
Former Have a Heart Animal Hospital Staff Member

We were amazed at the progress we made after only one in-home session with Glenn. Our dog now comes when called. We had worked with another trainer without success. We are so thankful for Glenn's positive training techniques and his kind and understanding ways.

Lisa & Bob
Boxer owner

Five years ago, Maxx was an obstinate, over-sized sheepdog...with an attitude! Well, today he is an obedient, dependable happy dog; thanks to your training. I am so proud of him when I take him to the beach. I know he will come when called and stay if told to. It makes for an enjoyable and safe walk. Thanks.

Lorralee Cooney
Guardian of Maxx, English Sheepdog

With a very high-energy puppy, I found the best thing I could do was enroll in Glenn's classes. And before that, I asked him to come out to the house so I could start training properly right from the start. The combination worked well, not only for my dog, but for me. Glenn and Judy take the time and have the gentle patience to advise and teach you about the best tried-and-true methods of dog training, including alternatives, in a hands-on setting. They are genuinely happy to help both you and your dog.

Jennifer Joseph
Guardian of Eli, Boxer

My wife & I were not sure we wanted to keep Remington. She was a real handful. Glenn was great in helping us learn techniques to manage & redirect her energy. He has a real intuition about dogs & people that I found invaluable.

John B. Palmer
Retired Chief, Marblehead Police Department

Glenn's clear understanding and loving concern for all animals guides owners to effect a gentle yet firm control over their pets.

Audry Petrie
Former Shelter Manager M.S.P.C.A.

I felt inadequate...enter Glenn Goldman of Gloucester. Jessie now has the skills he needs to be a "civilized & socially acceptable" dog.

Regina Cole
Journalist, Gloucester Daily Times

I felt very confident referring problem dogs to Glenn, having seen so many positive results over the years. He sure made my job easier!

Jody Honsa
Former Gloucester Animal Control Officer

He`s Amazing !!! Indeed, many vets are among Glenn's clients. I have never seen a more knowledgeable or more capable canine specialist.

Dr. J. Silversin
Faculty of Medicine, Harvard University

We just wanted to thank you for your help with Moses. Your visit to our home was a wonderful experience,.... You were so kind, and so non-judgemental! We were feeling very guilty, as well as angry/frustrated.... Your wise, gentle handling and approach to the situation were greatly appreciated. It was such a good thing to know that the balance of Moses' life could be a happier experience for both him and us! Thank you!

Carol & Mark from Gloucester
Pet Owners

My husband and I bought a yellow lab full of energy 8 months ago. We enrolled in Glenn's class and it made a world of difference. Our lab now is more obedient and kid friendly. Although we have a way to go and we plan on enrolling in Glenn's advanced class, I know from what we have seen so far we will end up with a well trained, friendly dog.

Brian & Lisa Partelow
Guardians of Tonka

We want to thank you for your enthusiasm and support and information. I am also a teacher and found your teaching techniques very effective.

Donna Nathan
Pet Owner